Whois Privacy Solution

Keep your contact data confidential.

According to current registration policies adopted by all major registries, each domain registrant is required to provide accurate, complete and current personal data that is made publicly available on the internet. This data usually includes the name, address and email addresses of the registrant. The use of incomplete, fake or incorrect data is a violation of the registration agreement and may lead to the deletion of the domain name.

DomainSitter offers Whois Privacy services to be used with domain name registrations. Using this solution, the owner contact for domain names will not be disclosed in any whois outputs. Instead the data will be displayed having an anonymized email address that will be forwarding all emails to the originating owner contact for a period of 14 days (this feature will only work for "thin" registries). 14 days after the whois query was made the email address will become invalid and will no longer forward emails to the registrant in order to protect the client from spam.